In February of 2015, EE MUSIC held a Workshop at the Where's The Music? conference in Sweden together with our local EE MUSIC Ambassadors FIFTI.  We sent them a few questions to get some insight into their work, environmental sustainability in the creative industries in Sweden, and any advice they had to share with the wider EE MUSIC community. Co-founder Elin Trogen took some time out of her busy schedule to share the following thoughts.


Tell us a bit about FIFTI

FIFTI is a production agency specialised in project management and event production. We make ideas become reality by creating content and developing and managing projects for cultural and creative businesses. FIFTI mainly work within the music, design, publishing, media and communication fields. We believe in a fair and sustainable world and aim to integrate those aspects in one way or another in our work.


What first motivated you to work on environmental sustainability and integrate it into the work you do?

I’d say it’s the only way to change anything. For us, it’s not possible to believe and think about something in your private life and then not apply it at all to your work. We also like the challenges created by trying not to think in our usual ways: we often end up with brand new ideas and interesting problem solving.


Where do you think Sweden is in bringing the arts and environmental sustainability together?

Sweden is aware of a lot of things, and it seems that the average population knows a lot about environmental challenges and how everyone can do something in their everyday life. However, in the creative industries, budget challenges and established mindsets still do not always enable better solutions and working in a greener way.

We are trying to implement sustainability on every level we can, both in the projects we choose to work on, and in the way we do things. Sometimes, it’s enough just to inspire clients to rethink when they are stuck in old ways of thinking.

At FIFTI we also look into the social sustainability aspects within the cultural sectors, always having in mind diversity and gender equality for example. These are values that often go hand in hand with environmental sustainability as they all at first require a change of minds, and then practical efforts and the development of new ways of thinking and acting.


What would you like to see happen in Sweden?

People integrating sustainability in work and office life as much as it has been integrated in everyday life (e.g. how we build our homes and live, recycling, using new sustainable materials, awareness of what we eat, etc). We do also have the Swedish Green Party in our government right now, so we are hoping for some hands on changes and sustainable long-term decisions.


What is the biggest challenge or barrier to change?

Mindset and budgets. The cultural sphere often suffers from tight budgets, where cheap solutions such as mass-produced materials shipped from the other side of the world are preferred to more local and more sustainable solutions (which would in the long run probably actually save money).


What role do you feel the creative community can play in creating this future vision?

Take a stand and be a role model. You don’t need to be boring while doing that; it can even be useful in your branding and communication.

In Sweden the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg is an inspiring role model when it comes to being a sustainable musical event. Apart from materials, waste management and general awareness and information towards staff and audience, the festival has been 100% vegetarian since 2012, including artist catering, staff catering and all the food sold in the festival area. In 2015 it also became milk free. Combined with a great musical line up, it could be on the top 10 list of the best festivals in the world and FIFTI are proud to have the festival as one of our clients.


In 2014 - 2015, FIFTI have been working with:

  • Festivals Way Out West and Stockholm Music and Arts
  • Bookings for the Award Ceremony for Swedish National Radio P3 Guld
  • Project management for ”Makten Över Musiken” a mentorship program for women within the music industry; EE MUSIC; and the Polar Music Prize


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